In its selection, Atelier Paganini satisfies the demand for a complete range of instruments. For children we have violins of all sizes. Our selection covers new instruments, factory made ones as well as master pieces and even some older pieces. We also offer fractional sized bows, cases and all necessary accessories. Full size violins are offered in a wide price range. From manufactured instruments to semi-master and master pieces. Even the cheapest violins are set up in the best possible way in our work shop in order to best serve the needs and comfort of the player. For mature quality of sound and artistic and historical value, the old instruments are most valuable. Thus, Atelier Paganini focuses on quality instruments from all historical periods of violin making. The price of such instruments depends their authenticity. Many of them go with certificates issued by Atelier Paganini. A number of them can be found on our web site in this section. However, for a complete overview a personal visit to Atelier Paganini is recommended.

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